you go birthed your birthing song

i go birth my theatre song

you go learn to catch babies

i go learn to birth acts 

we go together to weave

our suen~o. acres of land

with theatre and dance space

one green house attached to 

the house. on the southern side.

one underground. dug for our

deepest dreams. one mountain

at a time. money growing on trees

and pillows. we can make a million 

things if need be. we can make love 

two million times if need be. watching

the magia in your eyes. and your hands.

mold and mound into my eyes. into my hands.

our eyes. our hands. growing inside

this spiral dance. beating. birthing. 

drumming. singing. moving. snoring. 

waking inside another one of our dreams. 

seed song

its time to put seeds 

in the earth again

time to put our dreams

in our hands. in the memory.

of the oldest technology

where everything births

of water and dirt. our song. 

is in their. in the moment

we place our song in a mound

for squashes and radishes. 

beans and things. to mold us.

in the water and the mud

that we get on our knees

to remember. that everything

of us. our amor. our children.

start there. time to sing 

and make love. that way.

lets go get some seeds.


water song

i love your waters 
you love my waters
we move our waters
sinking into moon and sun
dreaming waters back
to the ocean birthing
in queztalcoatl’s mouth
raging fire and water
in the same song
quetzalcoatl’s breath
our movement sinking
deeper into the nothing
inside of waters and 
more bodies of waters
that we are. infinitely nothing
inside this breath. inside
this every moment that we
are . just because. like 
the moment any droplet
of rain water first sinks
into la madre tierra. here
we are. mud and water. 
molding. penetrating. again.
a single. water. a single
earth mold. molding. 


the calm of dreams . the calm of dreams next to you

placing the hope. placing the dance

in as many worlds as i didn’t know before.

i’m knowing the world of us. its doors.

its infinite. doors . that open and closed

inside our doubts. inside our insecurities. 

and the breath that opens our next moment.

our next opportunity. with the exhale.


we sit there. watching these videos. about straw bales.

we sit there. and watching videos about the foundation.

whether to have it float in the air to cushion our love making

or place it on the womb of our mother. grounded to the touch.

strawbales need to be away from moisture. we do not. we need

the waters of our love to flow. over and over. in every inch 

of the house. they tell us that you can only make rectangle 

strawbale homes. she googles this. to expose the lie. because

we want round. we know circle. it is the breath that keeps our

lips together. we know circle. it is the way we spiral and dance

and carry this conversation. looking at this dream from all angles.

pushing into the crevices . where we will place a mantle. a nook.

where we will place mud and our naked kiss and an altar. a crevice.

where we dig into the earth. make home. of hope. of hammer and nails. 

of strawbales and embraces. of trees and our rooted arms wrapping 

and warming. did you know a well insulated strawbale home can be 

warmed by a candle. and well insulated naked touch can insulate

a home over and over where insulation cant. did you know that this

plan keeps growing and breathing. through the anti-meeting about

the meeting about the meeting. this plan keeps growing and breathing.

through our poems. through our naked song. through coloring books. 

beadwork. land grants. 501 CCC’s and every possible breath and push

we can put into it. into the hands of mud. into the feel of planning. into

the wings of every word and love we put into it. 


i met this woman. that my coworkers told me i would fall in love with . i kept trying to act like this was not going to happening. ignoring. and hiding. and then realizing. how much this was shaping my life. how much this was shaping my being. you think you understand the world. you think you understand the magic. the synchronized motions. you think you understand what is important. and how to control it. own it. and then in the moments. at the edge. when you hit the source of the beginning. the source of seeking the mystery. that mirror in front of me. this woman. this moment. this place that i know. of love and don’t know of love. this moment that and this place that i know of life and living. and what i don’t know of life and living. all in its synchronicity. all in the moment of becoming. disintergrating. dying. creating. this love. that keeps breaming me forward. at the same moment that i don’t know where its existence ends of begins. the place of home and homelessness. the abyss of seeking and searching. nest. and finding another soul. that is embedded and etched. in the same parts of love. the same parts of life. but all the while moving i their own movement. and you in yours. and all the sacrifice that happens and disappears. in this infinite moment. that is the same as when they said. oh you’re going to fall in love with her. and that instant of denying that that could possibly happen. and then arriving into a cafeteria. at 5:30 . on a thursday. and watching . feeling. noting. that this moment is now. this moment keeps breathing. the us.  that is etching dreams. and love together. into the skin of the universe. and in that moment. being just a grain of sand. waiting to become another poem. burned. remembered. loved. recited. ached. opened. 


you are mine

and i am yours



did you know you love me alot

did you ‘member i love you alot


‘member when we danced 

on each others skin’s breath



‘member when we went out 

and build a home. dropped the world

dropped their troubles. and dug

into the parts of our chest that know

home. strawbale. adobe. steel. wood. 

arched. circle. breath. of us. growing.



‘member how much i love you

‘member how you love me

‘member the first time we said


‘member the last time we said it

‘member the first time we saw 

each others light. at 2 in the morning

in the silence of your living room 

of 1031 Hickox St.



place that garden. place the seeds. place our dreams.

place our words. in the earth. record them digitally. 

record them in the smile we give to our vision. that space.

between. where we are claiming. back the embrace of earth. 

of tonantzin. of pacha mama. of us. learning. in the burning

of fears and doubts. ached in the memory of now. of digging. 

turning dreams and earth. in the same moment. waking. 

the wings of the mind. the breath of the soul. the arch of palms

opening to seeds in clouds. seeds in mouth. seeds in breasts.

seeds in the red blood of earth and us. opening. over and over. 



sacred dancer of words. devouring them. 

with dreams on top of bed sheets. dancing

in the dreams inside of words. dancing in the 

words that are dreams. weaving her own memories.

her own place in the heart of the sky. inside all of them.

dancing with the breath of the wings she finds in pages. 


black hair dangles in the mystery of us

i get drowned in the open caress that 

embraces me. over and over. on top

to the side. to the mouth of me. drenching

me in the black strands. opening our