we talk of houses. we talk of apartments.

we talk of seeds. we talk of beets. beads. and beats.

we talk of us. and them. and the nothing in between.

we talk of hands. and mouths. everything in between.

we talk of home. of children. of housing their gardens.

of a house husband. of a housewife. we talk and dance.

we dance. this breath between. laughing at yoga poses

where our smiles. join our breath. join our hands. join

our eyes.  the silence in between the stillness. opens.

as we giggle through the pose. swinging into the stretch

of our youtube yoga instructor. swinging into the stretch

of our next our together. until we die again. together. 

on the mat. with our palms dancing in the stillness. 

when the legs stop shivering. the chest stops opening

to the heart of the sky. the youtube grows silent. 

and the talk of us ends. placed on the temporal death.

of us. waiting. again. 


you are just around the corner

but it feelz too many miles from this earth

its been hours. feelz like dayz. we are kwazee

but the us of us . is us. because its us. and the 

dance. shaping into the rythym takes more than

that moment. takes us the parts. still lingering. 

still waiting. still needing to adjust. again. this 

is us. being us. waiting for us. texting. and chatting. 

like we are a million miles away. just waiting 

for the sun to rise and see us. being us. in the us. 

of us. otra fez


breaking the ground. over and over.

watching the if’s and’s or maybe’s

dance in all the possibilities of what

home is right now. not what it will look

like next year. next month. next week.

but the breaking of the ground. of what.

is this. home. now. washing dishes. eating

the words in our mouths. placing the dreams

in our chest deeper in our minds. putting

together the possibility of learning french

in our tongues. placing palm on palm.

placing shoulder on shoulder. kissing the skin.

speaking fears and doubts. and watching them

getting deleted in the wind. watching them. looking

at them. watching their defeated lines get broken.

and bridging together the home in our blood. seeking.

the home where the ground is turning. breaking.

becoming. us. waiting for us. exhaling. 


speculate the sound of become human

watch it get cast in the kiss. in the mouth.

watch it get cast away. in the walk.

in the moment. when your eyes keep meeting

where my eyes keep meeting. where we hope.

todas las veces. entering into another symphony

in the calms before and after the storms. in the

beating of the storm. claiming. another ounce.

another gentle. touch. soft skin. meeting soft skin.

when all the serpent wings shed. when all the sounds.

drop off. again. waiting for another glance. of you. of us.

pulsing and regenerating. the imprints left in our memory.

that this is our home. right in front of us. the physical you.

the physical me. the inbetween you. the inbetween me.

but there is another set of homes.we are building. in words.

in poems. in beads. in mounds of earth we will carve with

our children’s names. in mounds of earth. we will seed.

with greenhouses and slides. and mountain sides full of silence.

i want to build our home with our hands. our children’s rooms.

mold the us. with our hands. mold the we. with our tongues.

our words. our moments. our eyes watered with laughter.

with opportunity. i want the us of us to emerge. even before.

we get there. in the now of us. which is the same seedling.

the same water. the same strawbale roundhouse that can get

warmed by a single candle. the same of us. that imagines.

a whole other round altar tomorrow. today. where we make love.

with our songs. our creations. our dance. our us.


remember when we talked our fears and doubts

with the lights turned off. about being stuck. and wanting more

and then in that. moment. of all the places. of all the places.

where we could not move. of all the places. we wanted to see.

and be. and then everything just falls. right back. where it belongs.

between you and me. and the parts that tangled our minds. our hearts.

our souls. come back to us. and we begin again. open.

Five Songs in ONe

what is love. it opens. breaks. reopens. adjusts. screams. laughs. crys. and pouts. wants to turn in the other direction. comes back to the middle. loves. bigger. breaks. open. loves. adjusts. pouts. grows weak. then pulses forward over and over. regerminates. adjusts. grows. pulses. dances. cries. shouts. loves. and loves. more over and over. breaks reopens. dances. enjoys. remembers. re-members. shakes the word. has an earthquake. reimagines. fears. doubts. loves. and loves again