izzy squared productions

where snake skins shed and rebirth serpent wings dangled by the love growing dying and re-birthing between two souls adjancent in their ever twisting polaraties of becoming one of becoming two of be- coming three. in between the nature of naked bodies the nature of naked almas in the nature of becoming serpent wings shedding into the becoming of nothing more than nebula up-cycling the tongues. the feet. the naked mind. the precious breath. dancing


braiding the frail bodies

opening into the ‘scapes

of doubts covering in fear

all of which get demolished

again with the piercing 

of wet lips on wet lips

wet eyes on wet eyes

seeking the dance 

of us. where the mirrors

stop breaking. and start 

fusing. theories of open

chest. open mouth. open

hands. theorized in the practice

of bones and earth rattling

all the names we moan 

when there is no one else

around to hear our naked songs


te da pena a veces

que el mundo vea estos

momentos de como tu labios

tu cuerpo tu piel tus aguas

pintan estas paginas de web

estos momentos digitales

que escarban y recogen 

una gota del sudor 

de nuestros amores

nuestros momentos 


si te cuento 

cuanto te amo

en poemas y cuentos

cuanto tiempo no estuviera

besandote. pero ay veces

que con las palabras. te beso.

los labios. tu cara. tu cuerpo.

tu corazon. y tu alma. que igual

me besa con tus ojos. al leer. 


there is nothing here but us

re-dreaming. ourselves. into molds

not fit. for this or that. but lovers’

worlds. turned to friends’ worlds.

turned to us. worlds. demanding

something. more. of something less.

of something not made up. but consistent.

constant. with this stream. of chest.

of being molded by the soil and turning.

it over. turning us over. with our hands.

with our legs. with our feet. with our mouths.

with our kisses. turning over. and over. with

our bodies. hard pressed against. each other.

and the earth. turning at the revolutions. proposed.

by light. by electricity. by poets and artists. un-

radical thoughts. of evolving inside homes of earth.

un-radical notions. that we are forever. inside 

the core of heat. found in eyes. found in breaking

our own conditions. our own limitations. our own

random thoughts. sinking further. inside the womb

of us. waiting. turning. and building a nest for them.

star one. star two. star them. coming through you. 

in the lighting of us. breathing. panting. molding

deeper and deeper. into the skin. that sweats 

and turns with us. all in the turning. of hair. 

in the turning of our hands on each other. 

holding on to. the nothing. waiting. for.

the unradical. nothing. in turning with.

the earth. again. and again. and again. 


she’s the one that drives the sail of this ship

no. i’m the one that drives the sail of this ship

no. this ship is binding by two hearts braided

two minds braiding and untangling. re-braiding.

two souls twirling in a dance of d.n.a. strands

coming together. again. in this raging sea 

wanting to swallow destiny for a 2.5 bedroom

and a 1.5 car and 2/7 picket fences. a square cage

swirling in a raging sea. trying to swallow. while

we stand in the center. trying to swallow our own.

life. our own waters. our own flight. our own beginnings

we the one. dreaming this ship towards this home. 



otro beso. otra mano. otro beso.

musing on the serpant skin of us

blaming nothing. but eating the sun.

drinking la luna. opening. the permission. 

to kiss the softest parts of your flesh. 

pressing. against the keys that our ours. 

black and white and inbetween. adentro.

empujando cada clave hasta que se acabe

the moaning finish spilling the truth.