You are the place i call home
the wind in my dreams
where i lay to swim in the universe
the dance in my skin

i can’t believe you found me
but you did find my chest
i found your eyes inside my soul
i found my mirror in your lips

you are my song dancing
together we are the memory
of our grandchildren
before i even held your hand

i was writing poems
to you 15 years
before i met you

i become the dust
of our ancestors
every time we
meet on this earth

swollen star of us
bursting with us
waiting for us
over and over
i can’t believe
i found you

inside this dream
where our bodies
find home


i love you my wubs

you are the dream with me


singing breath

between the moments

all the moments

inbetween hopes and fears

i wake to your face and makes me smile

nothing else

so simple

in the grumpiest of mornings

i cant help but become dreamsmile

its your face your being your song

your art your tears your light

breathing into me

more life than i feel i can hold


dreaming the smile

of our children

that will sometime

dreamsmile bigger than us

breath of us

i love you for all these moments

of us

past present future

real visioned and dreamt

and dreamed birthed of us



izzy is izzy

I have woken inside the dreamscape

Of our dance


Wander in it day and night

Watch all the songs


Stuck to our rattling soar bones

Collapse into themselves


And break with laughter

And cackles


Because the universe is always

Dying and growing

Your watering eyes my mirror

Echoing our home forward

izzy wubs izzy part XZy

You the one that dreams with me awake

And asleep


That challenges me to dive into the skin

Of our vision


Crawl and grow wings in their

Breathe serpant names


And shed old skins of us

Into the dust


That spirals our next song



Shaping the d.n.a of our memory

Born too many times over


I can’t believe you found me

I can’t believe I found you


Amongst a sea of nebula

To dream this dream of us


Bridge our memory

To be the memory of us


you again my spiritual mirror

dancing in the crying laughter

of weddings gone into a worm whole

where they forget what it means to be there

inside the union of two souls that have been spiraling

how easy it is to forget this motion. in this rock. that feels so still

yet there we are. all the way from up there

to this down here. somehow managing to find each other

people do this all the time. but they forget. somehow they forget

the who the what the when the why

that was the movement in the first place

that was the heart pounding

that is the first kiss

the first dance

the first scent on the lips

and the soul

about where and whaty


come home to you

and come home to us

i come home to the movements

we make with the dance of our kisses

our braided sleep

our home inside our skin

waking towards another bed

the one we build with our hands

the one made of us laughing smiling

crying fearing opening up towards

the tree in the middle of our house

where the fruit our children water

will build the gates back home

towards quetzalcoatl


this womb of us

birthing each kiss

each song of us

waiting for the opening

between the bridge of sky

dowsed in the waters

waiting to run at our feet

where we hold no more

conditions for anyone

just let the rain and the water

of their dance come and go


there is herstory and history

braiding into the shedding skin

of a sun full of hummingbirds

waking the touch a straw bale house

where our children learn the building blocks

of re-membering the temples

inside of them

the home of us in them

mirroring another set of songs

they will teach us how to dance

weave paint without all the semantics

of colonized upbringings. maybe just

a little better. for their children to do it

maybe just a little better. for their children’s

children to bridge the heart of a temple

to the heart of the sun. heart of the moon.

heart of the earth. heart of the sky.


we dance this earth

approached by the breath

we are breathing the names

of all of those that pushed us


to us


we are dancing the names

of all those that loved us enough

to let us go to us

all those that loved us enough

to seed our us

to become our dance